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ADHD and ADD Treatments

Treating ADHD and ADD

Neurofeedback training targets and corrects the source of these symptoms - the brain itself.  Neurofeedback helps train the brain to become more stable and balanced.  The brains of people with ADHD and ADD problems often have too many Delta and Theta brain waves.  By slowing and stabilizing these brain waves through neurofeedback training, we can reduce or, in many cases, completely eliminate the ADHD and ADD symptoms.  Neurofeedback utilizes our brain's natural ability to learn and self-correct to help it function in a healthier, more calm, and more efficient manner.


Client Success Story


A 13-year-old male who was diagnosed with severe ADHD and autism was hardly able to function.   When we first started seeing him, he was almost completely non-verbal (his mother

Unlock Your Child's Full Potential!


Imagine how much easier life would be for you and your child if we were able to significantly improve his or her ability to focus and concentrate and if we were able to eliminate your child's fidgeting, outbursts, hyperactivity, and general poor behavioral control due to ADHD and ADD.

Neurofeedback Training Can Help Reduce ADHD and ADD Symptoms


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reported that he has a vocabulary of about 5 words) and he was exhibiting aggressive and violent behavior as well as difficulty controlling his emotions.  With the neurofeedback training, he became better able at regulating his emotions and became less violent and had fewer episodes of angry outbursts.  An unexpected outcome of the neurofeedback was that he began to speak more, and by the end of treatment, his vocabulary increased to hundreds of words and he was able to speak and communicate much more effectively than ever before.  This was a huge and amazing improvement from his five word vocabulary before he began neurofeedback training.

How does neurofeedback work?


After testing and analyzing your child's brainwave functioning, we create a personalized neurofeedback training protocol for your child that will teach his or her brain how to balance and stabilize their brainwaves.


Even though neurofeedback training is similar to exercising our muscles, it is much easier than working out.  With neurofeedback, you don't even feel like you are exercising.  The neurofeedback training is fun and effortless.  The neurofeedback device sensors do all the work while your child sits back, relaxes, and watches a video or plays a video game.


Find out how we can help you - for free!


Contact us today if you would like to schedule a free, no-obligation evaluation to answer your questions and discuss whether neurofeedback training can help your child live a life free from hyperactivity and ADHD!

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