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Treatments for Post-Stroke Problems

Natural Treatment for Stroke Victims
We Can Help Improve Your Functioning

Life Wellness Center has 10 years of experience treating and helping thousands of people with a variety of brain-related and neurological conditions.  We offer an extremely effective, natural, non-invasive, and non-pharmaceutical treatment called neurofeedback training that is very effective at treating and improving the root cause of migraines and permanently reducing or eliminating migraines and headaches.  We are very experienced at successfully treating people who had been suffering from migraines.

In addition, an important clinical research study demonstrated that neurofeedback training either completely stopped or significantly reduced the frequency of migraines in 97% of the study participants.  Neurofeedback trains the brain to optimize its brainwave functioning and create new patterns and responses to incoming migraine triggers and stressors.  These new responses enable the brain to better handle the triggers and stressors that cause migraines.  Neurofeedback also helps reduce the feelings of frustration, anxiety, and hopelessness that many people who suffer from migraines experience.

How Can Neurofeedback Training Help Someone Who Had a Stroke?

After testing and analyzing your brainwave functioning, we create a personalized neurofeedback training protocol for you that will teach your brain how to balance and stabilize your brainwave activity so that the brain can function at a more effective and optimal level.

During the neurofeedback training sessions, you will be watching a movie or listening to music while sensors monitor your brainwave activity in real time.  When the brainwaves that we are training start firing at the desired optimal frequencies, then your brain receives a positive feedback, either visual or auditory, via the video or music.  This is how your brain learns to optimize its brainwave patterns and improve its functioning, which leads to a significant improvement in one's speech and mobility.

Neurofeedback training is similar to learning to ride a bicycle.  Once we learn how to ride a bicycle, this ability stays with us permanently even if we don't ride a bicycle for many years.  As soon as we get back on a bicycle, even after many years, our brain remembers exactly how to ride the bike without needing to relearn this skill.  Similarly, once your brain learns through neurofeedback how to stabilize your brainwaves so that they're firing at the optimal frequencies and your functioning has improved significantly, this improvement continues permanently.

Find out how we can help you - for free!

Contact us today if you would like to schedule a free, no-obligation evaluation to answer your questions and discuss whether neurofeedback training can help you improve your post-stroke functioning!

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