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Neurofeedback and nutritional therapy success story - 82-year-old man with Parkinson's Disease

82-year-old male client who was previously diagnosed by a neurologist with Idiopathic Parkinsonism (Parkinson's). When he first came to Life Health and Wellness Center, client had lost almost all mobility, independence, and much of his cognitive function, including the ability to use his cellphone, television, and computer. Client was not able to walk, stand, or even sit upright, nor was he able to complete regular daily self-care tasks like getting dressed or taking a shower. Client's primary care physician was ready to recommend end-of-life hospice care for him.

We began providing neurofeedback training and nutritional therapy services to client in late 2019 to try to improve his brainwave functioning as well as to ensure that his brain was receiving the essential nutrients that are needed for optimal brain functioning and to make sure that he was no longer consuming inflammatory foods which might be impairing his brain function.

During the first couple of months of neurofeedback training and nutritional therapy, he experienced a steady and gradual improvement in functionality. Client then began experiencing a dramatic and more rapid improvement in his mobility and cognitive functioning. Client regained his ability to stand up by himself and to walk aided only by a cane. Client also regained his ability to independently complete daily self-care and other tasks.

Client completed his neurofeedback training program and continued adhering to his nutritional protocols, and his condition continues to improve. Client eventually regained enough strength to start lifting weights at a gym.  He currently works out three times each week and his strength and mobility continue to improve.

Client's primary care physician, who had previously wanted to recommend end-of-life hospice care for him a year ago, commented to client that she has never, in her 20 years of experience as a doctor, seen a patient with a serious neurological disorder like Parkinson's make such a dramatic improvement in his strength, mobility, and cognitive functioning.

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