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Neurofeedback and Nutritional Therapy Success Story - PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia

A 63-year-old man whose son tragically passed away several years ago and who had just lost his job of 17 years was suffering from PTSD, severe depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and insomnia. His former psychiatrist had put him on anxiety and depression medications after his son died (he was taking a total of 10 pharmaceutical medications), but he was still experiencing severe depression and anxiety and was only able to sleep 2-3 hours each night.

Since he was not interested in seeing a psychotherapist for his PTSD, anxiety, and depression, he came to Life Wellness Center and began Neurofeedback Training and Nutritional Therapy. Within a few weeks, his anxiety and depression levels began to improve and he was able to sleep better and longer. In addition, his chronic blood pressure stabilized and he was able to stop taking his blood pressure medication.

By the time he finished our Neurofeedback and Nutritional Therapy program, his depression and anxiety were gone and he was sleeping much better. He told us that he "feels like a new person." He was also able to stop taking all of his prescription medications.

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