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Neurofeedback and therapy success story - nonverbal child with autism, ADHD, anxiety, and motor tics

A 10-year-old African-American non-verbal boy with autism, ADHD/hyperactivity, anxiety, and involuntary verbal and motor tics. His doctors told his mother that he would be non-verbal and would have his other symptoms for his whole life.

He started neurofeedback training with Life Health and Wellness Center, and psychotherapy was provided to help him gain confidence and increase self monitoring behavior.

Family therapy was provided to help his mother encourage and enable the client to become more independent and self-sufficient.

As a result of the psychotherapy and neurofeedback training program, the client no longer shows symptoms of ADHD, hyperactivity, or anxiety. Amazingly, he now speaks at the level of a typical person his age, and his doctors have recently said that he no longer shows symptoms of being on the autism spectrum. His involuntary verbal and motor tics have mostly disappeared.

This graphic is from the client's brain map comparison report and shows the significant improvements that he experienced in his brain plasticity and the normalization of brain functioning from before and after his neurofeedback training.

The client is currently excelling at school, has written a children’s book that is currently sold on Amazon. He has given many public speeches to school classrooms and church groups, and he is currently studying to get his driver's license.

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