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Neurofeedback and therapy success story - two kids with autism, ADHD, and anxiety

Here is a video testimonial from the mother of two siblings, one of the boys had autism and ADHD and the other had autism and anxiety. Both had very serious behavioral issues and had a difficult time in school. We treated them with neurofeedback and psychotherapy.

After they completed their neurofeedback training program and therapy, they both experienced significant improvement in their symptoms and behavior. Both are very well behaved now and are doing great in school.

(The video is in Spanish with English subtitles. The English translation is also included here below the video.)

Testimonial in English:

Hello. My name is Flora. These are my sons, Michael and Jeremy. They were diagnosed with autism, Michael at the age of 3 and Jeremy at 3 also, when Michael was 6 years old. We had therapy session after therapy session (at other clinics), Michael was a hyperactive kid; he hit his head, and he mistreated the therapists. Jeremy was the opposite; Jeremy was a quiet boy, a boy who stayed hidden in the closet, not wanting to come out, anti-social.

We took them to therapists (at other clinics) that didn't work until one day I found out about neurofeedback. I said, "This is going to be the solution." It was a gradual change. It wasn't immediate. I started to see a change in Michael. Little by little, he began to interact a little. He was more focused. He had previously been a distracted child...and I started to see with neurofeedback that he began to be able to focus, to calm down. With the help of therapists, with all the help from neurofeedback. They started coming to the house to give him neurofeedback and to follow up with me on how I should treat and parent him, to suggest how to make progress with the boys.

For me it was a difficult time, when the therapies began with Michael and Jeremy. It was difficult to accept that they were both autistic, it was hard, because they were two special children. They were two special children with different types of autism. They were very different. It was really tough. And finding neurofeedback, was really something.

If they were going to start me in neurofeedback therapy again, I would jump at the chance. Because now I see the results: My sons no longer have disabilities. Michael works hard at school, after getting so many F's in elementary school, and now, he's already in his senior year of high school. After finishing his neurofeedback program, he has earned mostly A's and B's on his report cards, which I never saw in his grades before he started this treatment. Now I can see him interacting. He's focused. He pays attention in class. And seeing those grades through elementary school, I never saw an A, a B, or a C. I never, never saw it, and now I see it reflected in his grades, A's, B's, and C's.

And Jeremy has totally changed too. Jeremy has changed a lot. He was a shy boy, a kid who didn't come out of the closet, because he didn't eat, he'd just eat one food: macaroni and cheese. That's the only thing he would eat. With neurofeedback, he began to eat, and enjoy the taste of other foods like chicken and vegetables. He came out of the closet. He stopped being locked up and isolated in his room. He didn't even eat with us. He ate in his room, alone, separate from all of us who are his family, his mother and his siblings. He was completely alone. And with neurofeedback I saw that my son had changed completely. He began to socialize. He started wanting to go out. I couldn't even take him to the store before. He would scream.

For me, neurofeedback is something that I recommend 100%. I recommend it 100%. Look at how it's changed their lives. Now, about two years ago, they've finished with treatment, and now if they tell me about my "autistic children", they don't have it. Thanks to neurofeedback, my children aren't autistic anymore. They're completely different.

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