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Neurofeedback client success story - child with autism, anxiety and depression

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

A 9-year-old boy came to us with a diagnosis of autism and severe anxiety and depression. We began neurofeedback training with this client. The neurofeedback sessions were challenging in the beginning since the client was not very cooperative and would try to remove the neurofeedback sensors during his training sessions.

We managed to build a good rapport with this client and he soon began cooperating and completing his neurofeedback training sessions without disruptions. His anxiety and depression symptoms quickly began improving, and his mother informed us that his behavior at school and at home was improving significantly.

His mood, his attitude, and his communication skills improved tremendously by the time he was finished with his neurofeedback program, and he became much more calm and cooperative with his school teachers and with his mother. After he had finished his neurofeedback training program, he had an appointment with his doctor, and the doctor told the client's mother that his symptoms and his behavior had improved to such a degree that he was no longer showing any signs of having autism.

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