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Neurofeedback success story - young man with cerebral palsy, PTSD, and anxiety

A 21-year-old African American male was diagnosed with cerebral palsy in his childhood and was diagnosed with PTSD and generalized anxiety disorder.  He had a history of excessive anxiety and PTSD reactions from trauma caused by witnessing severe domestic violence between his mother and her partner in his teen years. 

This anxiety significantly interfered with his functioning and he was not able to function as a normal 21-year-old due to his excessive fears and anxiety. The anxiety had led him to avoid most situations and thus be underdeveloped with only minimal independent living skills. He was unable to complete tasks and follow through with responsibilities consistently.  This led to conflicts with his mother as well as depression. He failed his proficiency exam and was unable to obtain his high school diploma.

Client was in therapy several years ago and made some progress but the change was very slow. After he started neurofeedback training, he quickly became better able to focus and manage his anxiety. He was able to increase his responsibilities and his ability to complete tasks. He passed his proficiency exam and obtained his high school diploma.  He was able to obtain a driver's licence and is now driving independently and is even attending college classes.

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