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Treatments for Autism

Treatments for Children with Autism
We Can Help Children with Autism Function Better

Life Wellness Center has almost 10 years of experience treating and helping hundreds of children with autism.  We offer a non-invasive, natural, and fun neurofeedback training program that is very effective at permanently reducing or eliminating symptoms of hyperactivity and anxiety as well as helping improve kids' communication skills, social interactions, school work, and overall behavior.

Neurofeedback training is also very effective at helping children who are on the autism spectrum to feel more calm, to not become so easily overwhelmed, and to be better able to control and manage their emotions.  After undergoing neurofeedback training, some of our non-verbal clients with autism have even begun speaking for the first time.

Client Success Story


A 10-year-old non-verbal boy with autism, ADHD/hyperactivity, anxiety, and involuntary verbal and motor tics came to us for neurofeedback.  His doctors had previously told his mother that he would be non-verbal and would have his other symptoms for his whole life.  As a result of our neurofeedback training program, this child no longer shows symptoms of ADHD, hyperactivity, or anxiety.  Amazingly, he now speaks at the level of a typical person his age, and his doctors have recently said that he no longer shows symptoms of being on the autism spectrum.  His involuntary verbal and motor tics have mostly disappeared.

How Can Neurofeedback Training Help a Child with Autism?

After testing and analyzing your child's brainwave functioning, we create a personalized neurofeedback training protocol for your child that will teach his or her brain how to balance and stabilize their brainwave activity so that the brain can function at a more effective and optimal level.

During the neurofeedback training sessions, your child will be watching a movie or video while sensors monitor his or her brainwave activity in real time.  When the brainwaves that we are training are firing at the desired optimal frequencies, then your child's brain is receiving a positive feedback, either visual or auditory, via the video, which is how your child's brain learns to maintain those brainwaves at their optimal frequencies. 

Neurofeedback training is similar to learning to ride a bicycle.  Once we learn how to ride a bicycle, this ability stays with us permanently even if we don't ride a bicycle for many years.  As soon as we get back on a bicycle, our brain knows exactly how to ride the bike without needing to relearn this skill.  Similarly, once your child's brain learns through neurofeedback how to stabilize his or her brainwaves so that they're firing at the optimal frequencies, this ability stays with your child permanently, which is how the improvement in autism symptoms and functionality is also permanent.

Find out how we can help you - for free!

Contact us today if you would like to schedule a free, no-obligation evaluation to answer your questions and discuss whether neurofeedback training can help your child live a life free from anxiety, hyperactivity, and uncontrollable emotions!

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